What It is

eCommerce or electronic commerce is the purchase or sale of merchandise online. It also covers the transactions of money and data involved in the process. eCommerce transactions can span a plethora of goods, including:

  • physical goods (from retail and wholesale websites)
  • digital products (like online courses, ebooks, etc.)
  • services (like SaaS, freelancers, etc.)
  • subscriptions (such as online news resources), and
  • crowdfunding (say, collection of money for a potential product or service)

An eCommerce site is not the same as a standard website. It has multiple layers of functionality, including:

  • payment processing
  • A web server to host a storefront
  • An inventory database
  • A complex dispatch system to send products

Here’s what you need to know: Your website’s conversion rate depends largely on its design and functionality. What’s more, these factors also affect your bottom line.

What We Do

We satisfy your e-Commerce development requirements through a data-validated approach. Yes, we aim to contribute to the growth of your business. However, our strategy involves doing this by putting your customers at the forefront. So they benefit just as much as you do!

Although well-versed in several CMS, like WooCommerce and Magento, we specialize in Shopify. To give you a clearer picture of what we do, let us walk you through our process:

  • Strategy Development: First, we analyze your business and your goals to develop the ideal blueprint for your site. We take into account analysis results, best practices, and other successful implementations.
  • Innovation And Design: Here, we plan out the interactive design and visual brand language for your site. All of which is done keeping personas and users in mind.
  • Development And Launch: Our innovative front-end development team then breathes life into the design. They perform multiple evaluations, including checking compliance with industry norms. Our back-end developers then add utility to the layout to ensure better performance, stability, and functionality.
  • Support And Nurture: Once your site is up and running, we keep a watchful eye on it. Any time it needs an upgrade or support, we’ll be right by your side.
  • Optimization And Improvements: Our eCommerce site optimization strategy is all about keeping customers happy. So you can count on us for regular maintenance.